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Lovers of gardening will tell you the best tool that works for them when the need for moving things around the garden is either a wheelbarrow or a garden cart. Not very helpful, for someone that is new to gardening, or for someone who wants to learn about it. Gardening lovers are experts in the use of either tool, so it is indeed a challenge for newcomers to be able to decide which is best for the job at hand.

So, What is the Gardening Job

Anything being moved around in the garden is a job for either a wheelbarrow or a garden cart. Mulch, fertilizer, plants, pots, rocks, soil, garden tools, leaves, tree cuttings or even a bird bath is a job for any of the following tools. The issue is deciding which one you consider to be workable for some or all the jobs mentioned. 

Using a Wheelbarrow 

There are many types of wheelbarrows being sold today. They are made of metal, tough poly tray plastic, molded plastic, fiberglass, and wood. A heavy duty wheelbarrow is ideal for moving rocks, soil, leaves and tree cuttings around the garden. It is great for maneuvering into small spaces, because of the single front wheel and its angular shape. There is a downside to the structure of the wheelbarrow, however, because the wheel is positioned front center, you must place the load to be accommodated by this wheel. Unless this is done, you will overturn your load, which is bothersome at the least. Two-wheeled wheelbarrows are better for moving over uneven terrain as they are built for stability and can handle loads of heavyweights. The consideration though, is, whether you can manage this equipment as it can be heavy when loaded. Deciding on purchasing any wheelbarrow the factor of your size is also a consideration.

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Using a Garden Cart

Because the two tools perform similarly you may consider any purchase. It is best to ask questions of the salesperson. Describe the job or jobs you have in mind to tackle, and they will help in your decision. 

The garden cart is ideal for doing any one of the above-mentioned jobs. The things to consider are; while pushing the wheelbarrow is how it is used, a garden cart is pulled. A wheelbarrow has two handles while a garden cart has a single articulated arm. Consider the effort and muscular strength needed to pull them on uneven ground. They are made of straight sides and double the wheels as the wheelbarrow, which makes it heavier to move especially with a good load. The maneuverability of a garden cart in cramped or small spaces is difficult in comparison to the wheelbarrow. Because of its construction, it is easier being used in free spaces. 

Things to Consider when Buying either a Wheelbarrow or a Garden Cart

1. Built/ whether steel, plastic or wood

2. Easy cleaning

3. Size wheels in comparison to job to be done

4. Make of wheels/ some are rubber, steel, inflatable or inner tubing needed, air-filled capacity

5. Gas or electric carts or wheelbarrows with folding capabilities for easier storage

6. Budget buying

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There are many choices when deciding whether a wheelbarrow or garden cart is what you need. The above information is just a small part of features and choices that are available for your comfort. Shop around, and as advised earlier; ask the sales-person any question about either tool, this will help greatly in your decision.